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Reduce heat. Reduce glare.  Save energy. Increase privacy. Block UV.

Residential window tinting is an effective way of enhancing the glass in your home or cottage. Window tint cuts out up to 80% of the total incoming solar energy from the sun - which means greater energy savings to you. Tint also cuts out 99% of damaging UV rays from the sun - which helps protect your blinds, paintings, floors, and carpets from fading and damage. Window tint ranges in levels of darkness too. Some tints are so light they are hardly noticeable on your glass, and some tints are dark or reflective which provide you with privacy. Window tint is used for glare reduction as well - to help you see your computer monitor or TV screens.

Frosted window tint films are commonly used for privacy in front door glass inserts, sidelights, transoms, arched windows, side door glass inserts, laundry/bathroom windows and more. Tinted films are commonly used on solarium windows, arched windows, westerly or southerly facing windows, hot zone windows, or on any windows that simply get too much sun!

Our Sun Out Window Film installers are experienced at working in all types of residences, and always maintain the integrity of your work area, home, condo, or cottage.

To read more about window tinting or decorative window films, click on the solar window film page or decorative window film page.

Window film is a great solution for curved and other oddly shaped windows.

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