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Prevent smash and grabs, and break and enters with clear glass protection.


Security film is a thicker window film with an extremely aggressive adhesive which holds broken glass intact in the event of breakage. It is used to slow down forced penetration of glass and prevent smash and grabs, and break & enters. Security film also makes glass safer in the event of an explosion, preventing glass shards from becoming lethal projectiles. If you have children playing near glass windows, security film is an effective way of coating glass, preventing injury from broken shards.

When installed on existing plate glass SECURITY FILM meets safety requirements for glazing without costly glass replacement.

Meets and exceeds ANSI Z97.1 400ft./lb testing category. Third party testing.

Glass security films are recommended by the Insurance Bureau of Canada for homeowner loss prevention.

Security film can be clear, tinted, or frosted to provide both safety and privacy or sun protection.

Security film also blocks 99% of UV, helping to reduce fading from the sun.