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Custom printed graphic films get installed directly on painted drywall and other surfaces. Whether for advertising, corporate branding, inspirational quotes, or anything else you can imagine, wall films can greatly enhance & transform any plain wall space. The above photo should be a familiar scene to most of us Canadians. Tim Horton’s utilizes wall films in many locations to change the look of an otherwise empty wall.

Like customizable wallpaper…without all the messy glue

In addition to custom printed graphics, wall films can include standard pre-made patterns such as faux brushed stainless steel, concrete, wood, carbon fibre, and more.

Turn an ordinary drywall surface into oak, brushed aluminium, or concrete without ever replacing the wall.

Some other common applications include:

Elevator door and interior re-surfacing. Why change damaged, scratched, or graffiti covered components when they can be wrapped with a film?

Light fixtures, backsplashes, furniture items and more!

Case Study

This new led light fixture was 1 of over 500 pieces newly installed in a downtown Toronto condo tower. Shortly after installation, residents began to complain about the lights being too bright, and too much light seeping in from the hallways into individual units.


The Sun Out crew installed a decorative brushed steel film on the plastic light covers to reduce about 40% of the light. In addition to solving the building’s issue with too much light, the film provides a sleek, decorative look, and enhances the plain white look of the light fixtures. The film retro fit cost of fraction of what it would have cost to replace all the fixtures.